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Laundry Starter Set scented (11 loads)

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Our innovative and ECO-friendly Laundry System is crafted from only simple, time-tested, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable ingredients.

Laundry powder, unscented. Based on our bestselling "Harry"™ soap, a pure nut-free organic olive oil Castile soap. This detergent is phosphate-free and SLS-free, contains no mineral oil or bleach, borax-free, septic friendly, concentrated. Very low suds. Use with all washers including top-loading and front-loading washers, HE machines and hand washing. If you have hard water or wash with cold water only, increase the amount of powder slightly. DO NOT OVER-USE. This powder is concentrated, very low sudsing and cleans well without the bubbles.

INGREDIENTS: "Harry" Castile soap (saponified food-grade olive oil*, filtered water), baking soda, washing soda.

Bottle with essential oil mix 'Lemon Fresh' to hold your laundry rinse. Add your preferred vinegar to make the scented rinse and keep conveniently next to your washer. Always use a rinse at the end of the washing cycle. Laundry rinses deodorize, remove build-up, and supremely soften and protect your clothes.

2 pouches Dryer Herbs (lavender*)

*certified organic

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