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Dryer Balls, set of 3 in assorted colors

  • $ 3000

Our Dryer Balls are hand-made from re-purposed, natural wool. 

Use a minimum of 3 balls (or better 6) directly in the dryer with your wet laundry.Comes with a brochure and instructions covering these frequently asked questions:

Why do dryer balls work?
When using dryer balls with your clothes in the dryer, the balls will get in-between the clothing and will separate and fluff the laundry with their
volume and weight. This allows more hot air around your laundry helping the
dryer to heat your laundry more quickly and suck the evaporated water out of
the dryer more efficiently. Reduction in drying time means reduction in energy
consumption. In addition the fluffing action of the balls will supremely soften the clothes and reduce wrinkles.

How many balls do I use?
Depending on the size of the dryer load, try and start with about 3-6 dryer balls
for small to medium loads. The more you use the better they will help with dry
time and softness. There is no limit to the number of balls you can use. There are
many people using up to 12 balls per load.

Why are the balls different in size?
The dryer balls are completely hand-made, right here in Virginia. They
are not mass produced by a machine. Therefore you will notice variations in size, color and texture. Have fun, mix & match.

Do I need to clean the Dryer Balls?
No, unless you find them needing it (the cat tossed it around, the kids
got them dirty… etc.). If they do need a wash just put them in with your
laundry, wash normally and run them through the dryer cycle to make
sure they are stored dry.

How long will the balls last?
It depends on how much laundry you do. They will last for hundreds of loads.
After months of constant use, they might show some signs of wear, shrink a
little, but will still work just fine. Over time they will get pilly or fuzzy, this is
normal and does not affect the performance. If it bothers you simply give
them a shave.

Can the balls be scented?
Yes. Use about 4 drops of your preferred essential oil on each dryer
ball or make a small hole and drop or inject the scent into it. Put the ball
in a plastic bag for at least 1, or better, 24 hours to let the scent soak in.
If used before the oil is completely absorbed, there it a risk that the oil
will transfer to the clothes and leave spots.

Can I use them if I have wool sensitivities?
Use your own judgment if you have allergies. But a number of people
who have sensitivities to wool can use the balls because the skin is not
directly exposed to the balls. Also, the dryer balls do not leave wool on
your laundry.

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