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NEW Laundry Powder Refill EXTRA LARGE Unscented (60 loads)

NEW Laundry Powder Refill EXTRA LARGE Unscented (60 loads)

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Our innovative and ECO-friendly Laundry System is crafted from only simple, time-tested, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable ingredients. Based on our bestselling "˜Harry" soap, a pure nut-free organic olive oil Castile soap. This detergent is phosphate-free and SLS-free, contains no mineral oil or bleach, borax-free, septic friendly, concentrated. Very low suds. Use with all washers including top-loading and front-loading washers, HE machines and hand washing.

USE: measure with the included bamboo spoon
- 1 flat spoon for small load
- 1 heaping spoon for medium loads
- 1.5 spoons for large loads

If you have hard water or wash with cold water only, increase the amount of powder slightly. DO NOT OVER-USE. This powder is concentrated, very low sudsing and cleans well without the bubbles. For best results always use our Laundry Conditioner or 3-4 tbsp. vinegar as a rinse at the end of the washing cycle. Laundry rinses deodorize, remove build-up, and supremely soften and protect your clothes.

INGREDIENTS: "˜Harry" Castile soap (saponified food-grade olive oil*, filtered water), baking soda, washing soda.

*certified organic

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