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BULK Protecting and Rejuvenating Hand Cream UNSCENTED (6 x 2 oz.)

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95% ORGANIC. Bulk quantity of 6 jars.

Crafted from organic calendula oil and organic shea butter without any essential oils or perfumes. A concentrated and long lasting emulsion of filtered water and healing oils - does not contain chemical preservatives. An excellent moisturizing cream for normal to dry and sensitive skin.

USE: Apply pea sized amount to dry and rough hands. Also excellent for regular use on neck, elbows, feet, etc. Suitable for baby skin.

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, calendula* infused extra virgin olive oil*, shea butter*, beeswax*, borax (mineral complex), tincture of benzoin resin, grapefruit seed extract, natural vitamin E**

*certified organic   **soy-free, gmo-free, kosher

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