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Organic Certificate

We have been crafting organic olive oil base body care since our very start in 2001. We offer one of the highest percentage of organic ingredients in body care on the market. We have always been transparent and true about our ingredients. All our products contain a full ingredient list on the packaging and on this web site.

Since 2007 we also state for every product the exact percentage of organic ingredients, calculated in accordance with the USDA organic program (NOP) rules.

  on Nov. 2, 2015 we have been awarded the NOP certification for our facility where we produce all of our body care. The NOP certification program is the purest organic standard in the world. It is mainly used for food but can be applied also to skin care if the products are as pure as food. All of our qualifying products can use the green NOP seal that is known from the food aisles and/or can state our certification agency next to our address on the labels.

Recently the USDA unfortunately made a new rule that companies are not allowed to list the percentage of organic ingredients if that product is not at the same time certified organic. That now means we have to take the percentage of organic off of some of our labels. Which is strange as our intention has been to be accurate and transparent. For example our Baby Bottom Balm contains 95% organic ingredients. But because it contains zinc oxide it can not be certified organic. And because it is not certified we are not allowed to say that it contains 95% organic ingredients.

   Brigit True is certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO), one of the most reputable certifying agencies.  


Please find our organic certificate here: