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SUPPORT: Hurrican relief


Help us helping others!

With heavy hearts do we follow the news about the recent disasters, nationally and internationally. As a socially responsible company we have steadily been donating to various causes. However, this recent string of disasters demands additional efforts. We have put together below selection of products that lend additional monetary support:

With your purchase of any of the items below, you will directly donate $5 for every jar and bottle to the disaster response to Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. Your donation will change lives!

We selected the International Relief Teams (IRT) as the recipient for your donation. IRT is one of Charity Navigator's highest rated organizations. 

IRT's mission:

"We provide immediate and long-term relief to disaster victims in the United States and around the world. We mobilize teams of skilled volunteers, send medical supplies, and provide direct funding to partner organizations on the ground in order to meet the proximate and long-term needs of victims of disaster."


 "Skin care that makes a difference".